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Web Design

Web design doesn't have to be expensive.  We love helping our small businesses who primarily are looking to just get their information out.  We also love doing site redesigns.  Did you try one of those we promise you a free website only to find out the free wasn't really free and it wasn't really what you wanted?  Let us help!  With flat rates starting at $400 for an entire website it won't blow your budget out of the water!


Logo / Brand Identity

Let's be honest, creating logos and brand identities isn't our bread and butter.  However, we know a lot of people where it is their bread and butter!  Starting at $50 we can help create your new or updated logo, update your brand, and market it for you!



E-commerce, it's the root of the internet, it's the largest growing market in the world, and you want or need a piece of it right?  From selling just a few products, to selling hundreds.  We can help you where you most need it.  Even better, if we don't feel we are the best fit or can provide the best service for you, we will let you know on the spot and find someone we trust to help you.


Social Media

Ok so you have a Facebook account set up.  That's great! That's a good start.  Now what?  How do you reach all of your potential target market?  How do you find common links with the people you are trying to reach?  Do you want to stay local?  Do you know what your target market is?  Do you know how to merge Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, LinkedIn, etc?  Do you know how to properly post and get noticed on Social Media?  If not, let us help!  It's as good as word of mouth in todays tech driven world!


Search Engine Optimization

Ooooh the 3 word drawn out over used title for SEO, Search Engine Optimization.  Let's be real here.  Yes it is important if you want your website to get clicks from random people searching the internet specifically for what you are selling.  However, it isn't as difficult and convoluted and time consuming as many would have you believe.


Yes it is important, but more important is what you say on your website.  What if people don't know about what you are selling?  Saying the right things on your website will help automatically develop your optimization on the search engines.  The rest is a few clicks away and some back end work done by us, but it's far from rocket science.


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